Do you have an adult loved one with a disability?

Planning for your future.

All adults in the United States should have an estate plan. For adults with a disability, planning is arguably even more important. Our primary goal is to help you protect your resources without jeopardizing government benefits to which you are now or may in the future be entitled.

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Paying for long-term care.

Many folks reach a point in their lives when they start to consider alternative living arrangements. With costs for senior living communities and skilled nursing facilities rising each year, planning for long-term care is crucial. We can help you make a plan to best protect your assets and qualify for Medicaid coverage should you require long-term care.

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Guardianships and Conservatorships.

Sometimes an event happens – such as a stroke, an injury, or a dementia diagnosis – that renders someone unable to handle his or her personal and financial affairs. When this happens, a guardian and/or conservator may need to be appointed to manage this person’s affairs.

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