Category: Estate Planning

Estate Planning for the New Normal

Estate planning should be geared towards a person’s particular family situation. In the last several decades family situations have become more complex. In order to adequately address the needs of “today’s family,” estate planning must also become more complex. The “traditional family” is defined as children with two parents both in their first marriage. In [..]

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Fast and Furious Litigation

The Estate of Paul Walker is currently involved in a court proceeding to recover property (various exotic cars) from his business partner’s estate, which they claim belonged to Mr. Walker individually and should therefore be a part of his estate.  His partner was driving the vehicle in the crash that took both of their lives. [..]

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One Final Long Distance Dedication

Whenever you see an estate or probate attorney being interviewed on CNN, you can almost guarantee a celebrity has died and the estate plan is a mess.  One of the most recent stories has been the tragic last days and eventual death of radio icon Casey Kasem. The Kasem family first surfaced in the news [..]

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