Update on the Queen of Soul’s Estate

We know you’ve been dying for an update on the administration of Aretha Franklin’s estate ever since we wrote an article about her death last year. As we mentioned in our previous article titled “All I’m Askin’ Is For a Little Estate Plannin’ (Just a Little Bit)!”, it was initially reported that Aretha had died without any estate planning documents at all, even though her attorney had pleaded with her for three decades to create a trust.

Now, juicy new details have emerged from the estate attorney. Apparently three handwritten wills have been discovered in Aretha’s Detroit home, including one that was hidden under the sofa cushion!

The most recently-dated one (March 2014) appears to give the singer’s assets to family members. However, according to reports, it is difficult to read, with many portions crossed out and extra notes handwritten in the margins.

The estate attorney filed the wills with the probate court this week, telling the judge that he did not know whether any of these wills were valid under Michigan law.

And so the TMZ-style stories of celebrities dying without a proper estate plan and of the mayhem that ensues continue. In 2016, with the title, “Dearly Beloved, We are Gathered Here Today to Get Through this Thing Called…Estate Planning,” we wrote about Prince dying without an estate plan. His estate, valued at somewhere between $200 million and $300 million, rages on, with many people claiming to be heirs and millions spent on legal fees.

Every few months feels like déjà vu all over again as yet another celebrity dies “intestate” (aka: without a will).

Don’t make the same mistake. Famous or not, you need a will. We can help.

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