Carney Dye, LLC: How Can We Help Your Family

At Carney Dye, we assist individuals and families with a variety of legal matters that are important to everyone. Our primary practice areas include Wills & Trusts, Special Needs Planning, Estate Administration, and Trust Administration, along with Business Succession Planning, and Guardianships and Conservatorships. Several of these practice areas are a part of “Elder Law,” which refers to the specific legal needs of seniors. Our goal is to make sure everyone in Birmingham, and throughout the state of Alabama, who needs these services can get the assistance they need and have their questions answered.

Building Relationships Matters to Us

Not only are we focused on a high level of legal service, we also want to form a relationship with you and your family. Our clients are all important to us, and we get to know everyone we work with. That way, you will always have a legal resource that is familiar with your personal needs and situation. That can give you peace of mind, and give you a place where you can get your questions answered or a legal matter addressed easily and without a lot of stress, which can be especially important in a crisis. We want to help you have all your legal needs covered, reducing your worries about the future and how you will protect your family.

Personalize Services to Fit Your Values

The types of legal matters we handle are often very personal, and are based on a person’s underlying values and beliefs. We believe that our clients’ personal and religious beliefs do play a role in planning, especially with issues such as death and dying, and we are comfortable discussing those values and incorporating them into your documents. We want you to be able to talk to us about any of your concerns, so you get exactly what you need from your experience with us. Knowing you can come to us for your estate and other types of planning means you have a personal family attorney on your side.

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We are ready to help you and your family navigate through life. Call us today at (205) 802-0696 or send us a message to schedule an initial consultation.

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